Safety and hygiene

Your safety first of all

The Sayonara hotel complies with the measures adopted on the territory of Emilia Romagna due to the current epidemiological situation, opening its own accommodation facility in compliance with the principle of social distancing and the protocols drawn up by the Region.Our commitment will be aimed at taking all precautions safety necessary for the prevention of infectious diseases starting from the use of certified antibacterial and virucidal detergents and disinfectants.

Our staff will be regularly updated with training courses to ensure compliance and rigorous application of prevention procedures.

Adjustment of services for the containment of the contagion

  • we will adapt the restaurant rooms to guarantee you adequate spaces, trying to keep the single shift; you can have lunch or dinner outdoors on our wonderful terrace facing the sea, which has proved to be the real plus of the 2020 season (up to availability of seats); the double shift will be provided only in case of bad weather or in exceptional cases; as a novelty for 2021 you will have as an option a smart takeaway menu to be enjoyed wherever you want for both lunch and dinner; we will replace the canonical self-service buffet with rich appetizers served directly at the table.
  • as every year we will open our play areas and our Miniclub for your little ones, guaranteeing as always the presence of Tatiana, our much appreciated assistant in charge of the Yo-Yo Island … we will all dance to the rhythm of Baby Dance and play games group with workshops that are increasingly interesting and capable of making your children dream with open eyes; if necessary we will make separate groups in compliance with the regulations on spacing and hygiene; to date, the legislation provides for a maximum of 5/10 children per group depending on age and these must always be accompanied by a parent during entertainment hours;
  • For years in the pool and in the whirlpool we have been guaranteeing water treatment through a regularly backwashed filter with the supply of fresh water required by law, as well as through dosing pumps with constant monitoring of both active and combined free chlorine and pH values. ;, our heated panoramic swimming pool facing the sea, will remain central to your relaxation also thanks to your collaboration in compliance with the rules of the prohibition of gathering and physical distancing; everyone will be guaranteed use even if it is necessary to limit access by time slots; to date, the legislation provides for a ratio of one person for every 7 m2 of surface in the tub and one person for every 7 m2 of surface in the solarium;
  • the beach can be accessed easily without any time slot; given the smaller offer of umbrellas, those who want can secure their place by telephone booking by going from the hotel or directly with the lifeguard; you will benefit from more space under the umbrella which will make your stay even more comfortable; you can bathe in total autonomy together with your children and why not, even together with your friends while always maintaining a physical distance of 1 meter; the walks will be free as well as the well-defined children’s playground will be allowed and with the sole care to avoid gatherings if necessary with limited entrances; at the moment there are already individual sports (bowls, table tennis, beach tennis, beach tennis) but we do not exclude that group sports can also resume for the spring!
  • in the rooms we are committed to adopting all safety precautions using disposable kits together with detergents and disinfectants with certified antibacterial and virucidal effect; the “thorough” cleaning between one customer and another and the daily cleaning will strictly follow the current hygiene protocols; the bed linen is washed and disinfected by our internal laundry and by the external professional laundry “Lavanderia Fabbri” according to certified protocols.
  • in the common areas you will find dispensers of disinfectants for your use … in these places it is true that we will have to keep the mask if there is no opportunity to keep the distance of 1 meter, but this will certainly not preclude us from being able to have a chat in joy or have fun telling us the usual jokes!