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Heated Swimming Pool with Picturesque Sea Views

Nothing is more enchanting and relaxing than lounging by our heated pool while enjoying panoramic views of the sea in front of you. While staying with us, you have limitless access to the pool at all times. What’s more, you can even order your meals while relaxing at the poolside.

To ensure that you thoroughly enjoy the pool during the summer season, we maintain the water temperature at 28°/29°. The 100 square meter pool is designed not only for daily swims but also for an array of pool games such as pool volleyball. Moreover, you can also head over to the whirlpool area to relax while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze.

A large size of 100 square meters as well as being synonymous with fun will allow the most sporty unforgettable swims in the open air … for all the others an enveloping hydromassage area and an enchanting solarium where you can spend hours of real relaxation!

NEWS: we look forward to seeing you at the opening next May to come and discover the brand new look of our swimming pool… that’s right, the entire pool is totally renovated and in addition to a totally renewed look it also has a new and very modern area available massage in addition to the one you already know!

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