Baby Comfort

The little ones at the center of our service

The time for baby food has arrived!

When it comes to meals, we have a fully equipped kitchen that is available to new mothers 24/7. At your request, our highly trained chefs will prepare free vegetable soup and vegetable broth. Likewise, they will always be at hand to provide a variety of creams and pastries for the benefit of mothers and their young babies. What’s more, you are allowed to prepare meals for yourself and your baby at the restaurant kitchen.

The kitchen has all the equipment that new mothers need, including bottle warmers, sterilizers, freezers, cookers, microwaves, and refrigerators. Review our Info & Conditions page for more information about baby meals that you can request.


What You Get at the Restaurant

Microwave and cooker
Bottle warmer with sterilizer
Refrigerator and freezer
Homogenized creams
Cutlery, glasses, and plates

Sweet Dreams for the Young Ones

We are here to make your kids’ stay as comfortable as possible. At your request, we can provide junior beds, bathtubs, potties, night lights, changing tables, toilet reducers, bottle warmers, baby strollers, and bicycles for kids aged between 2 to 3 years. When requesting a junior bed or baby cot for kids below 24 months, a daily charge will apply. See Info & Conditions to find out more about these charges.

Hotel Sayorana is located right next to Conad Supermarket, where you can get all your baby supplies. We have a pediatrician who is available for house calls to address any health issues that your kids might have during your stay with us.

Kids’ Extra Amenities Inside Room (Available on Request)

Small beds
High lights
Toilet reducers
Mattresses and changing table
Tray baths
Baby bottle warmer

For any other needs

Facilities Outside Room (Upon Request, Charges May Apply)

Baby strollers (available until exhaustion)
Bicycles with child seats (available until exhaustion)
Pediatrician available on request
Conad Supermarket for all shopping needs

Kids’ Play Area

Hotel Sayonara provides a play area to its young guests. This is a specially-designed zone featuring carpets and other soft elements that allow them to move around and play in tranquility without worrying about injuries.

Baby comfort

Junior Club